Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November 2017 RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Paul Bouten attended the Congress Partnerships in Clinical Trials (PCT) where he participated and moderated a panel discussion on day 2, November 29th, 2017


Day 2, November 29th, 2017


STREAM 8 – Small to Mid-Size Pharma and Biotech -

PANEL: Outsourcing and finding the ideal partner for a small to mid-size sponsor


  • What’s new and what are the trends to higher prices and quality?

  • Finding the right partners for an affordable price and delivering the required quality

  • Experiences of switching from one CRO to another

             - How did they do it and how did they optimise and get the right quality?
             - What payments did they get?

  • Will larger CROs consider them and are the large global CROs a partner at all?

  • Is there an ideal size to match biotech and small pharma?

  • Marrying up with right partner for the size of the company

  • Establish an outsourcing model for smaller pharma- establish strategic partnerships

  • Oversight and governance model- Develop governance framework

  • Negotiating the best practice -Ensure pay appropriate price

  • Pre-qualification of vendor - Vendor oversight