Paul Bouten attended the NVFG ClinOpsDay. The event centres on the European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).


Agenda en thema

De 7e editie van de NVFG ClinOpsDag staat in het teken van de European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).


The 7th edition of the NVFG ClinOpsDay is dominated by the European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).

06 April 2017

Paul Bouten attended the PCMG April Workshop – Contracting dilemmas –
managing risks through differing CRO/third party contracting models


09 March 2017

Paul Bouten attended the Health Valley Event.
This event centres on patient-driven innovation.


7 & 8 February 2017

Paul Bouten attended the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials - Medical Devices Europe 2017 and presented on day 2, February 8th 2017


Day 2, February 8th, 2017


Speaker hosted roundtables
Interactive roundtable session: - Comparing various methods to outsourcing and selecting Vendors

15-17 November 2016

Paul Bouten attended the Congress Partnerships in Clinical Trials (PCT) where he was moderator, chairperson and panel discussion leader on day 2, November 17th, 2016.


Day 2, November 17th, 2016


STREAM 8 - Regulatory, Compliance & RBM -

Moderator and chair


STREAM 7 - Partnership Management –

INTERACTIVE HUB panel discussion: Full Service versus Functional Outsourcing

• Functional vs. full service outsourcing: do you have a strategy or just a jumble of legacy contracts? This session will focus on the strategic drives that will help you develop a coherent sourcing strategy

• The role of standardisation

• Sole providers vs. multiple vendor partner companies

• Multi-national CROs vs. Niche/local providers

Original Thesis Title: De Cliëntenraad, de spil in het geheel

Een theoretisch exploratief onderzoek naar de relatie tussen de organisatiestructuur van de cliëntenraad, kennis en vaardigheden van de cliëntenraadsleden en communicatie tussen bestuur en cliëntenraden gelïeerd aan deze zorgstellingen.


The client- council, the integral linchpin

A theoretical exploratory research study into the relationship between the organizational structure of the client-council, knowledge and skills of the client councillors and communications between management and client councils affiliated with the healthcare organization

Published Article thesis on website (Netwerk Cliëntenraden in de Zorg (NCZ) and NCZ-Magazine (