Paul Bouten attended the NVFG symposium. 



“Impact en nieuwe mogelijkheden!”



"Impact and new opportunities!"

CCIB, Barcelona, Spain - Tuesday 27 - Thursday 29 November 2018 

Paul Bouten attended the Partnership Clinical Trials (PCT) Congress where he has 
chaired STREAM 4 – "Governance, Quality, Oversight & Risk Management" –
and moderated a panel discussion on day 2, November 28, 2018.


Day 2, November 28, 2018


STREAM 4: - Governance, Quality, Oversight & Risk Management -

PANEL: "Optimising the Sponsor - CRO partnership: Quality oversight in outsourced clinical trials"


  • What is meant by oversight - Do we mean the same if using oversight?

  • Balance between micromanagement and oversight

  • Developing and implementing the right tools parties involved in oversight (sponsor and CRO/third party) - How to label it as quality oversight?

  • Makes RBM oversight easier

  • What is the effect from RBM on Quality, Risk Management and how captured during oversight

  • How much oversight is overkill?

  • Governance and Oversight – the difference if any?

Clinical Innovation Partnerships - Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport - Zurich, Switzerland,
11 and 12 September 2018

Paul Bouten attended the Clinical Innovation Partnerships Congress
where he participated in the "ALL STAR PANEL" and moderated 
the "CASE STUDY ROUNDTABLES" session on day 1, September 11th 2018.


Day 1 - Tuesday 11th September 2018



How can you develop strategic relationships outside of the pharma-CRO partnership
to get the most out of your vendors?

This panel brings together experts from both clinical operations and procurement backgrounds within pharma alongside vendor representatives to discuss the best ways to develop a strong ecosystem and effectively use this ecosystem
to drive forward innovation within your clinical trials.



  • How can you best partner and collaborate with vendors and investigators to roll out new technology

  • How can you work with start-ups and smaller vendors to make your trials more innovative?

  • What are the best ways to set up contracts for these new relationships?

  • How can you best build large communities of partners working together?

  • What are the key challenges to developing strong partnerships between pharma, investigators and CRO 
    and how can you overcome them?



How to choose and work with the right CROs and vendors for your trials in terms of size, regional remit
and expertise to reduce failure and unnecessary costs?



TABLE 1 – Large Pharma 

TABLE 2 – Mid-Size Pharma

TABLE 3 – Small Pharma/Biotech

15 March 2018

Paul Bouten attended the Health Valley Event.
This event centres on - where people make the difference - "concepts for a healthy life" 

Paul Bouten attended the Innovation for Health conference and looking forward to learn more about “cutting-edge innovations”.

To meet companies looking for support in clinical research, operations, outsourcing and/or peers with a vision to set-up business in developing and marketing products.

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November 2017 RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Paul Bouten attended the Congress Partnerships in Clinical Trials (PCT) where he participated and moderated a panel discussion on day 2, November 29th, 2017


Day 2, November 29th, 2017


STREAM 8 – Small to Mid-Size Pharma and Biotech -

PANEL: Outsourcing and finding the ideal partner for a small to mid-size sponsor


  • What’s new and what are the trends to higher prices and quality?

  • Finding the right partners for an affordable price and delivering the required quality

  • Experiences of switching from one CRO to another

             - How did they do it and how did they optimise and get the right quality?
             - What payments did they get?

  • Will larger CROs consider them and are the large global CROs a partner at all?

  • Is there an ideal size to match biotech and small pharma?

  • Marrying up with right partner for the size of the company

  • Establish an outsourcing model for smaller pharma- establish strategic partnerships

  • Oversight and governance model- Develop governance framework

  • Negotiating the best practice -Ensure pay appropriate price

  • Pre-qualification of vendor - Vendor oversight